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The Fourth BioModels Meeting was held from March 28 to 30, 2009, at the EMBL-EBI in Cambridge (United Kingdom). The annual BioModels meeting is a gathering of BioModels resources developers and curators, users, developers of third-party tools, and people who would like to know more about them. The meeting will feature presentations from various attendees, demos of the new features of BioModels resources, tutorials, and discussion sessions. This event followed the 7th SBML Hackathon, which was also held at the EBI.

The theme of this meeting is: Data integration for Systems Biology, and there was an emphasis on annotation of models, and how to use them to enhance the semantics models and improve their exchange, processing and analysis.

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Meeting information

The agenda of the meeting is available. [updated link]

BioModels annual meetings mainly cover (but not exclusively) the following resources:

BioModels Database, a data resource that allows scientists to store, search and retrieve published mathematical models of biological interests. Models present in BioModels Database are verified and annotated and linked to relevant data resources, such as publications, databases of compounds and pathways, controlled vocabularies, etc.

The Systems Biology Ontology, a set of controlled vocabularies tailored specifically for the kinds of problems being faced in systems biology, especially in the context of computational modeling.

MIRIAM, an effort to standardize the "Minimal Information Requested In the Annotation of biochemical Models". This allows different groups to collaborate on annotating and curating computational models in biology.


Here is the list of attendees.

Name Organisation Project
Richard Adams University of Edinburgh, UK SBSI, EPE
Frank Bergmann University of Washington, USA SBW
Vijayalakshmi Chelliah EMBL-EBI, UK BioModels Database
Lukas Endler EMBL-EBI, UK BioModels Database
Ralph Gauges Universität Heidelberg, Germany COPASI
Martin GolebiewskiENFIN partial logo EML Research, Germany SABIO-RK
Michael Hucka Caltech, USA SBML,
Sarah Keating Caltech, USA SBML
Christian Knuepfer Universität Jena, Germany TEDDY
Falko Krause Humboldt-Universität, Germany semanticSBML
Nicolas Le Novère EMBL-EBI, UK SBML, BioModels Database, MIRIAM, SBO,
Chen Li EMBL-EBI, UK BioModels Database
Wolfram Liebermeister Humboldt-Universität, Germany semanticSBML
Allyson Lister University of Newcastle, UK SAINT
Catherine LloydENFIN partial logo Auckland Bioengineering Institute, New Zealand CellML
Timo Lubitz Humboldt-Universität, Germany semanticSBML
Ion MoraruENFIN partial logo University of Connecticut Health Center, USA VCell
Chris Myers University of Utah, USA iBioSim
Brett Olivier VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands PySCeS
Nicolas Rodriguez EMBL-EBI, UK BioModels Database
Sven Sahle Universität Heidelberg, Germany COPASI
Maria J Schilstra University of Hertfordshire, UK NetBuilder
Evangelos Simeonidis University of Manchester, UK MCISB
Lucian Smith University of Washington, USA Antimony
Jacky SnoepENFIN partial logo Stellenbosch, South Africa JWS Online
Neil Swainston University of Manchester, UK MCISB
Alice Villéger University of Manchester, UK Arcadia
Judith Wodke CRG Barcelona, Spain / Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany CSBG

ENFIN partial logo: travel costs sponsored by ENFIN.

Travel information

Because of the large number of attendees, arriving at different airports and at wildly varying times, attendees will need to make their own way to Cambridge.

One option may be to use National Express coaches. They provide a regular (hourly) service between the airports (Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted) and Cambridge (Parkside street). In order to reach the Arundel House Hotel from Parkside street, follow these directions.

The alternative way is to use the train ( to Cambridge, but note that this will probably entail some changes. In order to reach the Arundel House Hotel from the train station, follow these directions.

If you plan making your own way to the meeting, directions to Wellcome Trust Genome Campus can be found here and there. Taxis from local railway stations (Whittlesford and Great Chesterford) to the Genome Campus costs between 10 and 20 pounds. From Stansted airport, it costs around 30 pounds. Taxis accept cash only.

All attendees will reside at the Arundel House Hotel. A coach will leave the hotel each morning (25th-30th March) at 8am to reach the EBI by 8:30am. Security on the Campus entrance should direct you to the 'taxi bay' immediately outside the EBI. On the first day, we will provide you with a name badge which you should wear for the whole duration of your stay. A coach will also be provided each evening, to come back to the hotel.

If you have already made arrangements to have your travel costs reimbursed, please ensure you retain all your receipts.

Accommodation and catering

Accommodation for the duration of the meeting will be at the Arundel House Hotel in Cambridge. Attendees should have used the registration form to indicate their requirements, and these bookings have been made on your behalf by the meeting organisers. Accommodation will include breakfast. There will be no accommodation charges to attendees from academic and non-commercial institutions. If you are unsure of your status, please contact the organisers.

Lunch will be provided on site for all attendees. In addition, tea, coffee and refreshments will be provided during scheduled breaks between sessions. The dinner of sunday 29th evening will be provided, at the Tickell Arms, in a village close to the EBI.

Miscellaneous Information

WIFI vouchers (which can be used on the Campus) will be available for all participants. You do not need to request these in advance. In addition, some rooms may have wired ethernet connections.

Local Information


For a five day weather forecast for the Cambridge area see Cambridge weather.

Electrical Voltage

UK electrical current is 50 Hz, 240 V. Adapters may be required to connect some equipment to the standard UK power outlets. Participants should equip themselves with the appropriate adapters.

You will not be able to buy adapters on the Campus. Get one before you leave, or at the airport.

Around the campus

Two villages are very close to the EBI, Hinxton and Ickleton, and you will find a pub serving food in each of them:

About Cambridge

For more information about Cambridge, see the following websites:

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Contact Information

The meeting was organised by the team: biomodels-net-team [AT] lists.sourceforge [DOT] net.

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